2023 consumer trends report

2023 consumer trends report: Why climate action equals customers

Download your copy of Greener’s 2023 Consumer Trends to discover how changing spending habits give businesses new opportunities for success.

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For many Australians, “sustainability” used to mean taking the recycling out once a week. Today, it’s a major concern Aussies think about every day, and not a job they plan to tackle on their own. 

The overwhelming majority of Aussies believe brands have a responsibility to be more sustainable, and climate commitments and actions affect their purchase decisions. This has the potential to shift how and where they spend their money, with impacts for businesses across all industries.

We surveyed hundreds of everyday Australians to find out what’s important to them when it comes to being more sustainable, how they’re voting with their wallets and why businesses need to adapt to keep up.

What you’ll learn

✅ What kinds of consumers are shopping sustainably

✅ How sustainability is driving consumer spending

✅ How climate action is impacting customer loyalty

✅ What’s next for your business

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