Kylea Tink MP and industry leaders celebrate the Greener for Business launch

Industry leaders celebrate easy climate action.

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It isn’t a launch without a launch party, right? So we marked the launch of Greener for Business by inviting industry and community leaders to celebrate how climate action can be better for your bottom line.

The launch brought together the likes of Kylea Tink – the federal MP for North Sydney and one of Australia’s most prominent advocates for climate action – and leaders from Origin Energy, NAB and Winning Group. The event was co-hosted by Better Business Partnership, with faces from various Sydney local councils and small businesses in attendance.

Making emissions easy

The day opened with an address from Kylea Tink. She called attention to the urgency of climate action, the importance of involving all businesses – big and small – on the decarbonisation journey, and the role Greener for Business plays.

Federal MP for North Sydney Kylea Tink speaks at the Greener for Business launch.

“Accelerating temperatures demand accelerated action from all of us… This platform will make it easier for small business. It takes the work out of taking carbon emissions out of your business. And honestly, I can’t help but think that’s something we all need.”

Took the words right out of our mouths! And at the perfect time: the event took place on International Day of Climate Action and as part of NSW Small Business Month, highlighting the need to both help businesses get greener and keep them financially strong.

Taking the cost out of climate action

The main attraction was an expert panel tackling why climate action doesn’t have to cost more. Greener founder Tom Ferrer explained how cost savings and easy ways for businesses to reduce their impact on the planet are at the heart of the platform:

“We’re bringing big business prices to the little guys and it’s super exciting. Whether it be sustainable financing through NAB, which provides better rates, or even subscription models from Origin and others that are then making there be no upfront cost [to getting greener], we’re really reducing that barrier.”

Case in point: Alex Kane, the owner of Meals on Wheels provider The Village Chef, is set to save an estimated $15,800 on annual electricity costs while also supporting Aussie renewables by switching to a Greener for Business-exclusive electricity plan from Origin.

Greener founder Tom Ferrier speaks at the Greener for Business launch.

“We just want to make it as simple as possible,” said Jonathon Mattock, General Manager of SMB at Origin. “We know energy is complicated and decarbonising your energy is complicated. So we see this as the first step for a lot of businesses… sign up and you’re already on your way.”

Ana Marinkovic from NAB and Alice Kuepper from Winning Group at the Greener for Business launch.

According to Ana Marinkovic, NAB’s Executive General Manager of Small Business, climate goals are a team effort. And to get every small business involved, it’s important to provide cost-effective ways to take climate action.

“We aren’t going to collectively get to our [emissions reduction] target without having these small businesses on board. And how do we bring small businesses on board? We bring them on board by partnering with a startup like Greener to demonstrate that saving the planet and reducing the cost of running a business are not mutually exclusive.”

Getting started with Greener for Business

So what’s the best way for businesses to start reducing their impact on the planet? Alice Kuepper, Head of Sustainable Business and CSR at Winning Group, said it’s all about “information and education.”

“There’s so much out there when it comes to sustainability… [and] measures that you can implement across your business.” Though getting to zero emissions is a long journey, Alice said it becomes a lot easier when businesses “look at practical, easy wins and tackle them one step at a time.”

And of course, that’s what Greener for Business is all about. Sign up for free to get a personalised climate action plan for your business, along with access to member offers that help you have money while you reduce your impact on the planet.

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