Busting the myth – Businesses CAN save money and the planet

(and why I love being challenged) by Tom Ferrier, Founder at Greener

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Save money, save the planet. Here’s the proof.

This week we launched our new platform Greener for Business, and got some great press. However our claim of “helping cash-strapped businesses save money and the planet” was challenged by one journalist. And it was challenged publicly. 

But here at Greener, I love being challenged as it provides the opportunity to

  • help educate the misinformed
  • sway general opinion, by sharing the deep science and credibility that underpin our often magical claims

So firstly, I want to thank all the journo’s who shared our story – you’ve already helped a whole raft of cash strapped SMBs save money and the planet.

But in particular, I want to thank the one journalist who called our claims into question.

You’ve helped spark a conversation that needs to be had. One that can help us educate the misinformed. And one that can help us sway general opinion that businesses all over the country can in fact, save money and the planet (at the same time). Afterall, we’ve spent years working with the best to build a world-first platform that makes this dream a reality.

So I’m going to take this opportunity to respond, and debunk the claim that Greener for Business’ recommendations are unrealistic, capital intensive, and out of reach for the cash-strapped SMB. In fact, as I’m about to show you, these claims couldn’t be further from the truth.

But before I do...

While these comments caught me by surprise, I guess they shouldn’t have.

And that’s because whenever I share with audiences that it IS possible to save money and the planet, the response is often disbelief, denial and blatant rejection. 

Now I don’t blame anyone for thinking this way, after all it was a strongly held belief of our entire team until we challenged ourselves to make it a reality. And we challenged ourselves to do so, because we thought that to shift the needle on climate action, we needed to make saving the planet a financial opportunity for people.

Simply put, if we can help people save money by going green, we can save the planet.

So we worked with the best environmental and behavioural scientists to design a platform to do just that. We’ve also built an enviable reputation that is attracting special offers from some of the biggest suppliers in the game, to help Australian SMB’s save money and the planet.

Now, let’s get down to business and bust some myths. Here are the facts that underpin our particularly magical claim.

The EV Myth – Capital outlays are cost crippling

Hearing that to adopt the base model EV would set you back about $38,000, sure would raise eyebrows. For the average SMB who’s just trying to keep their doors open and pay their staff, asking them to pay that amount of money upfront is frankly impossible, especially in a cost of living crisis.  I wholeheartedly agree. I get it. 

This is exactly why we’ve made it so that any SMB using Greener for Business can sign up to a subscription model for as little as $244 a week with $0 upfront cost. If you’re after a fancier ride then you have then the luxe model will cost $381 per week.

So rather than forking out $38,000 upfront, with Greener for Business you can switch to an electric vehicle from $12,688 per year. And while you’re at it, you will be reducing your servicing costs by up to 40% and your fuel cost by up to 70% – ultimately saving you between $1,300 – $3,200 per year. 

The EV Verdict

With incredible savings on rising fuel and ongoing running costs, a subscription model means there are zero upfront costs. I think we can safely say this myth has officially been busted.

The Solar myth: Upfront costs break the business case 

Solar panels. The long suffering whipping boy of the sustainability world. Notoriously costly and riddled with dodgy dealers, it’s no wonder there’s scepticism about this one.

But again, there’s proof in this pudding  when it comes to solar, and what businesses signing up to Greener for Business can save. 

5-10 years ago it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to put a few shiny solar panels on your roof. Nowadays you can start generating and using your own renewable energy from as little as $155 per month with no upfront deposit required. 

Let me say that again for the people in the back. 

$155 per month, no upfront cost. All thanks to Greener’s network of partners and suppliers providing our businesses with exclusive offers that make getting greener, the better, cheaper option.

And while you’re taking that in, here’s another one for you. Once you install these super affordable solar panels you’ll be saving between $7,000-$22,000 per year on your energy bills.  But wait, there’s more.

Why not plug in that $0 upfront EV you just got and fuel it with your solar? Remember, the sun is free. Ohhh then you could turn off gas by powering your hot water and heating with that free sun. All of these actions mean that those cash strapped SMBs are putting more and more money back into their pockets by being more sustainable. The end game here is that a small business could save over $70,000 in energy bills over 10 years.

The Solar Verdict

While this one might cost you some effort, the absence of upfront investment and a mammoth saving in energy bills over the life of the panels means this myth is well and truly busted!

In closing…

There’s no doubt it’s a tough time to be in business right now. Interest rates and inflation are going up, labour shortages are never ending. Instead of dragging businesses down with more doom and gloom about climate change, we decided to build a platform that didn’t ask them to choose between the planet and profit. A platform that made it possible for their businesses to save money and the planet, at the same time. 

At Greener we’re all about magic underpinned by science. And while magic, and in this case cost savings, have to be seen to be believed, it’s all right there in black and white inside Greener for Business. While we’ve focused this piece on debunking the myth that upfront costs make getting greener out of reach, there are many other ways we help SMBs save with Greener for Business.

Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Just another way we are saving businesses time and money. 

If you’re keen to see how it could help your business do the same, sign up to Greener for Business


Written by Tom Ferrier, Founder at Greener

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